Appointment booking

Please see below for answers to common questions prior to arriving at your appointment.


Cancellation Policy - 24 hours

Please give as much notice as possible if you can't make the appointment. I require a minimum of 24 hours. Missed appointments and last minute cancellations affect my ability to rebook the appointment.  


A few tips to consider regarding your appointment:


  • Not feeling well?
    • If you are not feeling well please let me know as soon as possible so I can try and book the appointment. Please do not come if you are showing symptoms. If I am starting to feel sick or under the weather, I will let you know as soon as possible as well.
  • Running late?
    • I always book extra time into the appointment in case you are running a few min late or I am running a few min over. If you are really late to the appointment it's fine and I will do what I can with the time we have.
  • Like to add or remove a service to your scheduled appointment?  Please email me and let me know so I can adjust our appointment time accordingly. 


Common Pre-appointment Questions

What time should I arrive to my appointment?

  • For your first appointment, I would plan to come early. That way you can allow for parking, traffic, and/or finding my space. After that, you can show up early or ontime. The restroom is around the corner, and I have a comfy couch you can hang on; or feel free to walk out to the patio and enjoy the view! The Golden Gate bridge is always enjoyable to check out!

What about:

  • Irritated skin?
    • If your skin is really irritated it's best to wait on booking your facial until it is healed. For example: if you burned your face in the sun, have a rash, severely picked your face, or over used a very drying product (such as retinol or an acne product).
  • Retinol use?
    • It's best to stop using strong retinols 5 to 7 days prior to the appointment. 
  • Should I shave?
    • If you are a man, it's best (but not required) to shave the night before the facial. 
  • Make-up on?
    • If your coming from work and you have make-up on...don't worry, I can remove it. 
  • Questions about your current products?
    • Take pictures of the bottles (front and back so I can see the ingredients). That way I can give you an informed assessment of what your using and better access your current and future routine.





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