Clinical Cosmeceutical Skincare

A perfect balance of nature and science; perfume, paraben and dye free. Chirally correct and pharmaceutical grade. Focused on results; these nutrient dense formulations stimulate and awaken cellular renewal for healthy radiant skin.

                 Rhonda Allison Clinical


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Click on the link above to order. My sister (also an esthetician) and I have been using this line for over 15 years; we can't say enough good things about the results we have achieved for ourselves and our clients. I know you will love it as much as we do. Clean, effective, nutrient dense...ingredients that work.




                            Sanitas Skin Care

The key to effective skin care products lies in the intrinsic activity of the ingredients as well as the delivery of molecules to their sites of action. Synergistically pairing topical nutrients with biogenic cofactors delivers the ingredients into the skin where they can enhance and support the skin's own biochemistry and catalyze the natural processes of progressive skinhealth.


Wow...let me say it a little simplier. These products are awesome! 


ORDER these products by sending me an email and I will ship them to you. 


                                      Lira Clinical

NO chemicals will be rubbed into my face daily; and that is why I use "mineral only non-chemical based" sunscreens. Safe for a for me.


Contains plant stem cells, non-pore clogging hydration, and Vitamin get antioxidant support every time you put it on. Great for sun sensitive skin types too! 


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