Express Facial

$75 - 30 minutes

This express treatment packs it all in. Deep pore cleanse, detoxifying scrub, steam with enzymes, and a few min of extractions to boot! Clean skin in 30 min!

Customized "Glow" Facial

My facial is customized to your skin's needs. Do you need hydration? Tons of extractions? Gentle or more intensive exfoliation? Firming? Brightening? A little bit of each? Finished with some LED light therapy to stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation and skin firming. Your skin will be Glowing! 

  • Example of a Hydration facial with LED light therapy:  This facial brings deep hydration and velvety softness. Enjoy an enzymatic cleanse, luxurious scrub, gentle facial brushing with a foaming minty cleanser followed by steam, light extractions, and a nourishing facial massage using potent plant stem cel serums. Includes, hand and head massage too. Lovely.


  • Deep pore cleanse facial: The focus of this facial is deep pore cleansing with lots of extractions. A customized anti-bacterial mask followed by a High Frequency and or Blue Light LED to reduce inflammation and redness. It also helps keep bacteria at bay by infusing the skin with Ozone. Oh, and a little pampering thrown in with a wonderful head and neck massage while you steam. Your face will feel sparkling clean!


60 min


Customized "Glow" Facial with Décolleté 

Would you like your upper chest and neck area treated as well? When booking online just select Customized Glow facial with décolleté







Peels JUMP start cellular turnover which slows down considerably with age. Peels increase the elasticity of skin, the bouancy, and health by getting rid of dead dull skin cells and stimulating new healthy ones. Peels decrease fine lines and wrinkles, while combating the negative effects caused by the sun. One peel can make a difference and a series of peels even better.  I offer "light, medium, and deep" peels and the amount of actual peeling depends on many factors (age, skin condition and type, skin care routine or lack-there-of, etc.). Email me and I can help you decide which one is best for you!

DNA 4 Layer Peel

This 4 layer peel gets results! Each layer adds it's own unique benefit. It starts out with a 20% lactic acid exfoliation followed by a hibiscus mandelic brightening peel. The third layer is a powerful wrinkle fighter called "Jessner" consisting of salicylic, resveritrol and resorcinol. Great for leathery tired skin. The last layer is a peptide enhanced retionol which is left on overnight to promote collagen stimulation and cellular communication.


Tips for this peel:


  • Best to book a late afternoon or evening appt as you will be going home with the last layer on (it needs to stay on over night).
  • The day after your face will be tight, but fine to go to work as you won't start peeling until day two of the peel.
  • Thursdays are a great day to do this peel as you can work on Friday, peel over the weekend (Sat and Sun) and back to work on Monday.



30 min 

Deep peel

2 days of peeling


Baby Boomer Peel

Perfect for those who want firming, tightening and increased collagen production. Works on fine lines and wrinkles while brightening and toning the skin. A nutrient dense peel that plumps and hydrates the skin for a plumper more youthful look and feel!



30 min peel


1 day of peeling followed by a few days of dryness


MicroRefine "Brightening" Peel

This moderatley potent, skin refining, brightening and age defying treatment combines Lactic, Phytic, and Mandelic acid that work together to improve skins texture, treat signs of aging, uneven pigmentation and past damage. Soothing Mushroom Extract calms skin during resurfacing, while plant-derived Glycerin infuses moisture into dehydrated cells.


Refines, brightens and perfects for a radiantly smooth complexion.


Key Benefits:

  • Instantly smooths uneven texture, refining surface imperfections
  • Plumps fine lines, improves hydration, elasticity and vibrancy
  • Rapidly reveals brighter, smoother, clearer complexion
  • No downtime
  • Go and GLOW! 


30 min peel

Light to Med

A few days of dryness remedied by extra moisturizer.